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The Psalms are prayers and songs from ancient times; compositions based on Jewish patterns of thought and poetry. Within them we find the complete range of human emotion and need, and they offer a rich source of conversation with God.   This contemplative prayer station allows us time to pray the psalms for ourselves.

Directions for Leadership:

Set up a few tables with several bibles, the list, and directions (both below). Try to make the esthetic of the prayer station one of relaxation and comfort.  The atmosphere can do a lot to hinder or help ones focus.

Prayer Station Instructions:

The Psalms are prayers and songs from ancient times; compositions based on Jewish patterns of thought and poetry. Within them we find the complete range of human emotion and need, and they offer a rich source of conversation with God.

As we find within them verses and phrases which tie into our own thoughts and feelings, so too, can we find other verses which speak to us powerfully of the truth of God’s promises to us. The Psalms have been an invaluable resource to prayer throughout the centuries.

On this table is a list of all the Psalms and their topic. There are several bibles already opened to the book of Psalms around this area.  Choose a psalm off the list that you are drawn too and take time to meditate on it.  Make a note of where it can be found in the bible and continue to pray it this week.

The Book of Psalms

PSALM 1 – True Happiness in God’s Law

PSALM 2 – A Psalm for a Royal Coronation

PSALM 3 – Threatened but Trusting

PSALM 4 – Trust in God

PSALM 5 – Prayer for Divine Help

PSALM 6 – Prayer in Distress

PSALM 7 – God the Vindicator

PSALM 8 – Divine Majesty and Human Dignity

PSALM 9 – Thanksgiving for Victory and Prayer for Justice (A)

PSALM 10 – Thanksgiving for Victory and Prayer for Justice (B)

PSALM 11 – Confidence in the Presence of God

PSALM 12 – Prayer against Evil Tongues

PSALM 13 – Prayer in Time of Illness

PSALM 14 – A Lament over Widespread Corruption

PSALM 15 – The Righteous Israelite

PSALM 16 – God the Supreme Good

PSALM 17 – Prayer for Rescue from Persecutors

PSALM 18 – A King’s Thanksgiving for Victory

PSALM 19 – God’s Glory in the Heavens and in the Law

PSALM 20 – Prayer for the King in Time of War

PSALM 21 – Thanksgiving and Assurances for the King

PSALM 22 – The Prayer of an Innocent Person

PSALM 23 – The Lord, Shepherd and Host

PSALM 24 – The Glory of God in Procession to Zion

PSALM 25 – Confident Prayer for Forgiveness and Guidance

PSALM 26 – Prayer of Innocence

PSALM 27 – Trust in God

PSALM 28 – Petition and Thanksgiving

PSALM 29 – The Lord of Majesty Acclaimed as King of the World

PSALM 30 – Thanksgiving for Deliverance

PSALM 31 – Prayer in Distress and Thanksgiving for Escape

PSALM 32 – Remission of Sin

PSALM 33 – Praise of God’s Power and Providence

PSALM 34 – Thanksgiving to God Who Delivers the Just

PSALM 35 – Prayer for Help against Unjust Enemies

PSALM 36 – Human Wickedness and Divine Providence

PSALM 37 – The Fate of Sinners and the Reward of the Just

PSALM 38 – Prayer of an Afflicted Sinner

PSALM 39 – The Vanity of Life

PSALM 40 – Gratitude and Prayer for Help

PSALM 41 – Thanksgiving after Sickness

PSALM 42 – Longing for God’s Presence in the Temple (A)

PSALM 43 – Longing for God’s Presence in the Temple (B)

PSALM 44 – God’s Past Favor and Israel’s Present Need

PSALM 45 – Song for a Royal Wedding

PSALM 46 – God, the Protector of Zion

PSALM 47 – The Ruler of All the Nations

PSALM 48 – The Splendor of the Invincible City

PSALM 49 – Confidence in God Rather than in Riches

PSALM 50 – The Acceptable Sacrifice

PSALM 51 – The Miserere: Prayer of Repentance

PSALM 52 – The Deceitful Tongue

PSALM 53 – A Lament over Widespread Corruption

PSALM 54 – Confident Prayer in Great Peril

PSALM 55 – A Lament over Betrayal

PSALM 56 – Trust in God

PSALM 57 – Confidence Prayer for Deliverance

PSALM 58 – The Dethroning of Unjust Rulers

PSALM 59 – Complaint against Bloodthirsty Enemies

PSALM 60 – Lament after Defeat in Battle

PSALM 61 – Prayer of the King in Time of Danger

PSALM 62 – Trust in God Alone

PSALM 63 – Ardent Longing for God

PSALM 64 – Treacherous Conspirators Punished by God

PSALM 65 – Thanksgiving of God’s Blessings

PSALM 66 – Praise of God, Israel’s Deliverer

PSALM 67 – Harvest Thanks and Petition

PSALM 68 – The Exodus and Conquest, Pledge of Future Help

PSALM 69 – A Cry of Anguish in Great Distress

PSALM 70 – Prayer for Divine Help

PSALM 71 – Prayer in Time of Old Age

PSALM 72 – A Prayer for the King

PSALM 73 – The Trial of the Just

PSALM 74 – Prayer at the Destruction of the Temple

PSALM 75 – God the Judge of the World

PSALM 76 – God Defends Zion

PSALM 77 – Confidence in God during National Distress

PSALM 78 – A New Beginning in Zion and David

PSALM 79 – A Prayer for Jerusalem

PSALM 80 – Prayer to Restore God’s Vineyard

PSALM 81 – An Admonition to Fidelity

PSALM 82 – The Downfall of Unjust Gods

PSALM 83 – Prayer against a Hostile Alliance

PSALM 84 – Prayer of a Pilgrim to Jerusalem

PSALM 85 – Prayer for Divine Favor

PSALM 86 – Prayer in Time of Distress

PSALM 87 – Zion the True Birthplace of Diaspora Pilgrims

PSALM 88 – A Despairing Lament

PSALM 89 – A Lament over God’s Promise to David

PSALM 90 – God’s Eternity and Human Frailty

PSALM 91 – Security under God’s Protection

PSALM 92 – A Hymn of Thanksgiving for God’s Fidelity

PSALM 93 – God is a Mighty King

PSALM 94 – A Prayer for Deliverance from the Wicked

PSALM 95 – A Call to Praise and Obedience

PSALM 96 – God of the Universe

PSALM 97 – The Divine Ruler of All

PSALM 98 – The Coming of God

PSALM 99 – The Holy King

PSALM 100 – Communal Thanks in the Temple

PSALM 101 – Norm of Life for Rulers

PSALM 102 – Prayer in Time of Distress

PSALM 103 – Praise of Divine Goodness

PSALM 104 – Praise of God the Creator

PSALM 105 – God’s Fidelity to the Promise

PSALM 106 – Israel’s Confession of Sin

PSALM 107 – God the Savior of Those in Distress

PSALM 108 – Prayer for Victory

PSALM 109 – Prayer of a Person Falsely Accused

PSALM 110 – God Appoints the King both King and Priest

PSALM 111 – Praise of God for Goodness to Israel

PSALM 112 – The Blessings of the Just

PSALM 113 – Praise of God’s Care of the Poor

PSALM 114 – The Lord’s Wonders at the Exodus

PSALM 115 – The Greatness of the True God

PSALM 116 – Thanksgiving to God Who Saves from Death

PSALM 117 – The Nations Called to Praise

PSALM 118 – Hymn of Thanksgiving

PSALM 119 – A Prayer to God, the Lawgiver

PSALM 120 – Prayer of a Returned Exile

PSALM 121 – The Lord My Guardian

PSALM 122 – A Pilgrim’s Prayer for Jerusalem

PSALM 123 – Reliance on the Lord

PSALM 124 – God, the Rescuer of the People

PSALM 125 – Israel’s Protector

PSALM 126 – The Reversal of Zion’s Fortunes

PSALM 127 – The Need of God’s Blessing

PSALM 128 – The Happy Home of the Just

PSALM 129 – Against Israel’s Enemies

PSALM 130 – Prayer for Pardon and Mercy

PSALM 131 – Humble Trust in God

PSALM 132 – The Covenant between David and God

PSALM 133 – A Vision of a Blessed Community

PSALM 134 – Exhortation to the Night Watch to Bless God

PSALM 135 – Praise of God, the Ruler and Benefactor of Israel

PSALM 136 – Hymn of Thanksgiving for God’s Everlasting Love

PSALM 137 – Sorrow and Hope in Exile

PSALM 138 – Hymn of a Grateful Heart

PSALM 139 – The All-knowing and Ever-lasting God

PSALM 140 – Prayer for Deliverance from the Wicked

PSALM 141 – Prayer for Deliverance from the Wicked

PSALM 142 – A Prayer in Time of Trouble

PSALM 143 – A Prayer in Distress

PSALM 144 – A Prayer for Victory and Prosperity

PSALM 145 – The Greatness and Goodness of God

PSALM 146 – Trust in God the Creator and Redeemer

PSALM 147 – God’s Word Restores Jerusalem

PSALM 148 – All Creation Summoned to Praise

PSALM 149 – Praise God with Song and Sword

PSALM 50 – Final Doxology

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