Lost Sheep

This contemplative prayer station is meant to encourage people to think about who Jesus cares about, which is everyone.

Directions for Leadership:

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Set up an area that is comfortable for people to both read and pray.  Take care to make it feel comfortable and welcoming, with enough lighting to read but dim enough to foster focus in prayer. Print up the directions for the station (below) and place them around the area.

Prayer Station Instructions:

Take some time to allow yourself to settle down.  Slow your breathing and relax.  Ask God to be in this time and space with you, guiding your imagination.  Try not to censor yourself, making rules on what you are and are not allowed to imagine.  Lastly, allow yourself a good amount of time to ponder each question in this exercise.

Picture this room as it is right now.  Imagine that Jesus is visibly here with you.  He is slowly walking around, stopping here and there to speak a word or two into someone’s ear.  He gently lays a hand on one person, then turns and holds another for a moment.  Eventually, imagine Jesus coming and laying a hand on your shoulder.

What is he communicating to you?  How do you feel in this moment?  What are you thinking?

Suddenly Jesus stops and looks around, a concerned look on his face.  He is searching for someone who is not here.  He abruptly turns and walks out of the room and leaves the building.

How do you feel about this?  Ask yourself why you may feel the way you do. Who do you think he is looking for?  Specifically.  Do you have a part in what Jesus is doing, who he is seeking?

Take a moment to pray for the person who came to mind.  Also, pray that God would give you opportunities to have meaningful conversations with that person.


Ask God to speak to you and then be still for a moment and wait for God to bring something to mind.  Just listen for that still small voice.

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