Ancient Prayers

This contemplative prayer station is just simple meditation using ancient prayers. You can use it for several different topics, posting the prayer for people to contemplate and pray on a wall.
Directions for Leadership:
This is a very flexible station that you can use for many different topics. Find a prayer (Look in the Book of Common Prayer, search the web for prayers of Saints, or find what Liturgical Prayers have been used in your particular denomination).  Either post it on a wall, large enough for several people to see from 6 feet back or print up multiple copies of the prayer so each person can have one. I like to post it in a creative manner, like the picture here. Post the directions (below) next to it. Make the area around the prayer comfortable, either with pillows or chairs.

Prayer Station Instructions:

Quietly pray the words of the Prayer.

As you pray, make the words your own, thinking about each line in the prayer.

It may help to say parts of it over and over with the rhythm of your breath.

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