Creative Prayer Home

Hello! Over 70 of the prayer stations here on the website are available in a PDF.   Or you can purchase it from Amazon as an eBook for you Kindle.  Enjoy.


What is a contemplative prayer station you ask? The entire purpose of a contemplative prayer station is to create a time and space for people to experience God in their lives. Prayer stations can be highly creative or an incredibly simple approach to prayer and spiritual reflection. Typically, a space is set up where people can enter and participate at their own pace and level.

How to navigate the site: There are several collections of station to the right.  Each has a different focus. You can click on the collection and all the stations in that collection will drop down.  Or, if you know what you are looking for you can do a quick search. If you are looking for something that would encompass an entire evening, go to the “One hour services” collection and look around there.

Do you have something to add? The purpose of this site is to make a sort of collective, one place where you can come to get ideas or use other peoples ideas. I know what it is like knowing full well that some one else had probably done something brilliant while I was trying to reinvent the wheel. All the prayer stations on this site were collected, borrowed, or imagined up by myself and/or a few friends. If you have put together prayer stations for your community that you would like me to post here, send it to me:  I would love to post it, and I will try to give credit where credit is due. *grin*

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